Town Phrases 1, Places Around Town Vocabulary, ELF Learning English Vocabulary


12 places around town are presented along with simple phrases and sentences. The light, jazzy rhythm may be a bit of a challenge for some kids, but we hope that they catch on and "feel" the music over time.Vocabulary and Phrases include:bakery - I buy bread at the bakery.bank - I keep my money in the bank.bookstore - I buy books at the bookstore.bus stop - I catch a bus at the bus stop.cake shop - I buy cake at the cake shop.coffee shop - Daddy drinks coffee at the coffee shop.dentist - I go to the dentist when I have a toothache.doctor's office - I go to the doctor's office when I'm sick.drug store - I buy medicine at the drug store.flower shop - I buy flowers at the flower shop.gas station - Mommy buys gasoline at the gas station.hospital - I go to the hospital when I'm sick.*BGM Track provided by Carl Boland of Box Garden.

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Town Phrases 1, Places Around Town Vocabulary, english learn with vocaublary videos, elflearning english videos, ELF Learning
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