Reflexive Pronouns and intensive pronouns video lesson

This is an English grammar lesson about reflexive pronouns and intensive pronouns.

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Here is the list: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves and themselves)

Reflexive pronouns are used when the subject and object of the sentence are the same person. They take the place of the object and they reflect back to the subject.

An example is "I hurt myself while playing football." In this lesson, I explain in detail how to use these pronouns to form reflexive verbs as well as describing common mistakes and how to avoid making them.

Intensive pronouns are the same words as the reflexives but are used very differently. We use them to emphasise a noun (the antecedent), usually the subject.
In the lesson, I explain in detail how to use them with several examples.

At the end of the lesson, there are some exercises to test your understanding.
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