Places in town in English, Beginner English Lessons for Children

In this beginner English lesson you will learn English words for different places you might go in a town including the English for: church, shop, cinema, hospital, sports stadium, museum, theatre, police station, town hall, and car park.

In the lesson, each word or phrase is shown in English (and Spanish) so you the learner know exactly what you are learning. The English is repeated 3 times so you can clearly remember how to pronounce that vocabulary. You will see the English words on the screen twice so that you will know how to read and spell those words.

Learn English Lessons - Beginner vocabulary offers 56 free audio and picture lessons for learning basic English words, phrases and sentences. Each of our English lessons uses audio speech and specially drawn pictures to teach kids and young people 10 items of simple English grouped in a topic. Topics include 'Family members', 'Daily routine', 'Fruit', 'Pets', etc.
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