Learn the difference between much and many


Learn the difference between "much" and "many" with this English grammar lesson.We use many when asking about quantity with countable nouns with the expression "how many". Example: How many apples are there?We use how much for asking about quantity with uncountable nouns. Example: How much milk is there?We also use many in negative sentences with countable nouns to describe a small quantity or amount. Example: "There aren't many apples."For describing a small quantity with uncountable nouns, then we use much in the negative, for example "there isn't much wine."For positive sentences to express a large quantity, we do NOT use much or many. We prefer "a lot of" or "lots of". For example "There are a lot of oranges" and "there is a lot of milk.At the end of the English lesson, there are some grammar exercises to test your understanding.

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