How to tell the time in English, What time is it?

Learn how to tell the time in English with this English video lesson.First I show you how to ask somebody for the time ("What time is it?", "Do you have the time?" etc)I then give you 2 methods of saying the time and give you some new vocabulary. Some examples of time are seven o'clock, ten past eight, quarter past nine, half past eleven, twenty to six, quarter to twelve.I explain the words midday, noon and midnight.In English, to make it clear what time of the day we are talking about we use several time expressions like "in the morning", "in the afternoon", "in the evening" and "at night"Alternatively we can use the "am" and "pm" abbreviations.The 24 hour clock is rarely used in English except for timetables and in the military.I finish this English lesson with some exercises to test your understanding.
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