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Have and have got, always wondered about the difference between have and have got? Watch this English grammar video lesson and you will know all about it.In this English grammar video I am going to show you how en and when to use 'to have'and how and when to use 'to have got' and more importantly the difference betweenthe two.First we are going to take a look at how to conjugate the verb 'to have.'For the singular forms:I haveyou havehe hasshe hasit hasand for the plural forms:we haveyou havethey haveFirst we are going to take a look at how to use 'to have' in affirmative sentences.I have brown hairshe has a wonderful voicethey have a lively mother.Now let's have a look at 'to have 'in questions. To make a question we need to use an auxiliary. With have we use:do or does.Do you have a cat?Do we have enough food for the party?Do they have a sister?Please note that we only use 'does' when it concerns he, she and it also known as the third person singular.Now let's have a look at' to have' in negations.Again we use 'do' and 'does.' and we add 'not' to it so it becomes don't and doesn't.And have.I don't have a carHe doesn't have a brotherIt doesn't have to be like this.Now let's have a look at 'to have got'. For the singular forms:I have gotyou have gothe has gotshe has gotIt has gotFor the plural forms:we have gotyou have gotthey have gotNow in affirmative sentences, we use 'to have got'just like this:I have got a bikeshe has got a wonderful housethey have got a swimming pool in the garden.Now let's take a look at 'to have got' in questions. With questions we do not need an auxiliary verb, because we can just use have or has.So we do not need do or does.Has she got a car?Have you got your bags?Have they got swimming pool in the garden?Let's have a look at negations and again we can just simply use have or has then we add not to it, so it becomes haven't or hasn't.So again we do not need to use an auxiliaryHe hasn't got a car.You haven't got a dog.They haven't got a garden.Now let's look at the difference between have and have got.To have is used when you want to express possession or ownership and it can be used for both American and British English.To have got also expresses possession or ownership but it's usually used in British English.To have can also be used as an auxiliary to make either a present perfect ora past perfect.For instanceI have watched a film.but to have got cannot be used as an auxiliary, so you can only say:I have got a film, as in I own a film.
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