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  • Crown Academy of English Video Lessons

    Crown Academy of English Video Lessons cover areas such as English grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, reading skills, speaking and pronunciation, punctuation and writing.

    The language lessons are given by Andrew, a British citizen born in Manchester, England. He is a fully qualified English teacher and he has the "TESOL" qualification

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  • Creative English Vocabulary Lessons

    Creative English Vocabulary has a commitment to provide all English learners around the world with the best possible English vocabulary lessons.

    You can learn our English lessons on your tablet, smart phone, computer or smart TV. With our online English lessons, you are able to make significant progress in learning English at your own pace. Let your English study blossom with our unique English learning material.

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  • Learn English with Rebecca

    Rebecca is one of the most popular English teachers on Youtube.

    Learn English for free with these video lessons by an experienced native-speaker teacher Rebecca. Rebecca's classes cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, TOEFL, and more.

    You can also join engvid website where over ten million ESL students worldwide are improving their English every day.

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  • BBC Follow Me English Learning Series

    Follow Me! was a series of television programmes produced by the BBC in the late 1970s as a crash course in the English language. It was popular in many overseas countries as a first introduction to English.
    The course consists of sixty lessons. Each lesson lasts from 12 to 15 minutes and covers a specific lexis. The lessons follow a consistent group of actors, with the relationships between their characters developing during the course.
    Here it is in our channel and we hope you find it useful.

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